We need to continue
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From every conversation with our Ukrainian counterparts, we clearly understand that they have no other option than to fight for their liberty, their future and children. And for our freedom, our way of living and for the future of our children.    

Giving up, or signing an agreement on Russian terms, is not an option.

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October, 2023

"Good morning, Jaap! Just want to let you know that one of the helmets you guys funded, saved a life of my friends just couple of days ago. He’s on the frontline near Izyum now. A fraction of the artillery shell hit the back of his head. He would be dead had he not have a helmet. Thank you for doing this."

Izyum, Ukraine

One of the helmets you guys funded, saved a life of my friends

October, 2023

Watch the trailer of our first convoy to Ukraine

Our convoy in the media

October, 2023

The unbeatable Ukrainians

Chernihiv, Ukraine, May 2022. This city was 70% damaged by the Russian army, but people are rebuilding already. We brought water pumps, chainsaws and drills to rebuild the infrastructure of the waterworks.