With our work we support the Armed forces of Ukraine

Donations we receive are used to buy helmets, trauma packs, pick-up trucks, protective vests and helmets, tents, winter clothes and tools for the reconstruction of critical infrastructure.  

Drones make the difference
With our help, a collective of Ukrainian engineers and drone pilots started producing smart drones in Ukraine. Protect Ukraine is financing the operation and to date more than 250 units have been delivered to the army. Reconnaissance drones have rapidly become essential in saving Ukrainian lives on the front lines.  

We also bought and shipped 3D printers to support the local production of drone parts. The same collective of Ukrainian engineers also builds robots to bring medication and ammunition to the front and they are currently developing a mine sweeping robot.

Delivering critical supplies to support Ukrainian forces

Protect Ukraine is in direct contact with the military commanders of several Ukrainian military units. These units send in donation requests for vehicles, accompanied by a license plate and VIN number that allows us to receive the necessary legal documents to enter Ukraine. They further make donation requests pertaining to other urgently needed equipment. We consequently purchase terrain cars in Scotland, Sweden, and the Netherlands, where we are able to receive the best price to quality ratio.  

Protect Ukraine, after obtaining the vehicles and loading them with essential gear, drives them to Ukraine and delivers the equipment straight to the military units in various locations across Ukraine.