Team members
Protect Ukraine

From a private, ad-hoc initiative by friends and family, to a coordinated effort. Protect Ukraine relies on the generous support of many volunteers who cover their own expenses, so our overhead costs remain minimal. Such as the selfless drivers who helps us to drive pick-up trucks and essential goods to Ukraine.

Background and personal motivation of the team members

Dirck Smits van Oyen, "We will do everything we can to prevent the Beast from the East to return Ukraine as a colony of Russia, a position which impoverished it for centuries. Contrary to Moscow, Ukraine’s history mostly has been in Europe, and that is where its future is."

Jaap Scholten,"The war in Ukraine is for me a struggle between good and evil. The Ukrainians have the courage and stamina to fight fearlessly. We have to make sure they win this war - to stop tyranny. If Putin wins this war it will be an endorsement for him to continue and an inspiration for dictators and aspiring dictators in the world."

Pieter Wesselman, "I strongly believe in European values, as democracy (personal) freedom and democratic rule of law. The Russian invasion in Ukraine, and the following brutality in which these values are being violated triggered me to join Protect Ukraine. On top of that I feel obliged to contribute and stop the Russian aggressor to move further than Ukraine and support Ukraine in driving back the invader."

Godfried van Lanschot, "All the freedoms and the security we have are not to be taken for granted. I feel it is our duty to support the Ukrainians in their fight against this brutal invader. Moreover, if we do not support them and the Russians succeed in conquering even a part of Ukraine, they will continue and threaten other states in Europe in the near future. That’s why I joined Dirck, Jaap and Pieter to help the Ukrainians."