Saving Lives. Protecting People.

Winning the war in Ukraine starts with protecting lives. We support this cause by giving Ukrainian soldiers the necessary non-military tools to protect themselves in their fight against Russian aggression.

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Our mission is to bring essential supplies to the Ukrainian people

The struggle against the Russian invader has to be fought, and will be decided, on Ukrainian soil by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. From the first weeks we realized we had to try to support them. We put together money from ourselves, our family, friends and from friends of friends and started to acquire protective materials needed badly in Ukraine.

We did so in close cooperation with Ukrainian counterparts. Most materials are acquired in Europe or the United States and transported in small vans to the front, mostly in coordination with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Next to that we cooperate with a group of drone-builders located in Ukraine.

We bring medical trauma-packs (including tourniquets and Israeli bandage), bulletproof vests, elbow and knee pads, kevlar helmets, reconnaissance drones, thermal vision cameras, tents, items of medical supply, clothes, and tools to restore infrastructure: water pumps, grinders, drills, chain saws.

A few times we brought supply to Ukraine ourselves and met intense gratitude. Besides the great need of protective tools it's also the feeling that the Ukrainians are not left alone against 'the second army of the world' that boosts their spirit. We can't do that enough. It's crucial.

When we save one life the effort has been worth

We need to continue support

The war goes on and will be decided by the side with the strongest will to win. Ukrainians are fighting for their land, their lives, their families, and their freedom (and ours). The Russian soldier fights on foreign soil solely for his monthly pay. This means that Ukrainians will win but they need the tools to do so.

We cannot allow western support to fade when the media loses interest in the war or when politicians decide to leave the Ukrainians on their own. We have to continue to send the Ukrainian soldiers everything they need to survive on the battlefield. It's crucial to maintain our support, to send protective materials to save lives, and to let the Ukrainians know they are not alone in their fight for freedom.

A part of our support goes to a group of drone builders who build reconnaissance drones and mine sweeping robots for the Ukrainian army. Drones play a crucial role in this war, they give the possibility to the Ukrainians to fight intelligent and efficient against a much bigger army.

See about the work of these drone builders in the media. In the media section you can also read about our personal involvement. We are convinced the outcome of the war in Ukraine, a struggle between democracy and dictatorship, will have an huge impact on the current world order and on the future of our children.


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"Good morning, Jaap! Just want to let you know that one of the helmets you guys funded, saved a life of my friends just couple of days ago. He’s on the frontline near Izyum now. A fraction of the artillery shell hit the back of his head. He would be dead had he not have a helmet. Thank you for doing this."

Izyum, Ukraine

One of the helmets you guys funded, saved a life of my friends

Watch the trailer of our first convoy to Ukraine

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